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every month in the town that i live in we have what's called an art walk on the first friday of every month, which is basically a night when all the shops downtown stay open extra late and galleries open up new shows and hold receptions for artists' shows. there usually lots of food and wine, and the crowds tend to be very diverse.

this art walk we got a treat that only comes once every few months; cosplay art walk! our local japanese anime shop once again had everyone come down in their cosplays, and i have to be honest and say that there were some really awesome cosplays! to be honest i've never really seen a cosplay  in person, so it was quite inspiring to see what people can do.

so ya. now im really really seriously considering going to a convention this year as ive seen just how awesome the peole are who go to thse kinds of things! just gotta find a way to trek up to seattle and pay for two nights in a hotel :XD:

also! if you want a sketch request, this is your last chance! i'm not taking them any more after this weekend. see my journal here if you're interested: :nod:
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Submitted on
February 4, 2012